Experienced, meticulous, efficient

Here's what you should know about me:

I’m a BELS-certified medical editor. I address the important task of meticulously scouring medical and scientific documents to ensure accuracy and alignment with the AMA Manual of Style, the Publication Manual of the APA, or your house style preferences.

I’m a family physician. This background gives you added assurance as I draw on my clinical knowledge and expertise while reviewing your materials.

I like to work collaboratively. Before transitioning into a career in medical editing, I cared for patients of all ages. I accurately diagnosed disorders, developed treatment plans, educated patients, and coordinated care with other providers. You can be certain that I’ll contribute patience, enthusiasm, and integrity as a member of your team.

I value the needs of learners. As a resident physician, I was recognized by faculty and nurses as a top graduating resident with the Excellence in Teaching and Nurses’ Choice Awards. Whatever the project, your audience is a group of learners. I’ll ensure that their needs are understood and met.


“Smart, resourceful, flexible, and proactive, Shannon would be an asset to any editorial project.”

“I’ve seen firsthand that Shannon works well in a team environment and independently. She is funny, calm, and an excellent work colleague.” –Melissa Bogen, ELS, Freelance Medical Editor