Helping you deliver flawless medical content

You and your team work hard to develop relevant and impactful copy that demonstrates the very best you have to offer. As a BELS-certified medical editor and physician, I help clients clearly communicate accurate medical content that informs, influences, and motivates change.

Let me help you ensure that your deliverables are polished and ready. Whether your target audience includes clinicians, scientists, or patients, I can help you deliver flawless medical content.

My experience as a physician and lifelong learner allows me to edit with a clinical perspective. I specialize in editing and fact checking materials for medical communications agencies; continuing education developers; pharmaceutical medical affairs, sales training, and marketing divisions; medical device companies; and other healthcare organizations.

“Shannon was a pleasure to work with and knowledgeable on subject matter in the medical/nursing fields.”

“She managed her schedules well and communicated in a timely manner–very crucial skills for a copyeditor. The first project she worked on for me, she knocked out of the park–my client was extremely happy with the work she did, and so was I. We worked together on several other projects, and I wouldn’t hesitate to engage her again as a medical copyeditor.” — Heather Faucher, Digital Marketing Content Writer/Published Author

Have a project that requires an editor with a solid medical background?

Need a fact checker who will meticulously assess medical data and conclusions?